Tips to Help Keep Your Lash Extensions Lasting Longer

There’s nothing like a fresh set of lash extensions. Not only have you just spent some time relaxing and getting pampered, your lash extensions are long, luscious and in perfect condition.

If only that feeling could last forever…

Soon, the world will remind you that you have a million things to do and that deep zen state will probably feel like a distant dream. But! There are some things you can do to keep your lashes looking perfect in the weeks ahead.

Here are our tips to: Help keep your lash extensions lasting longer (and looking amazing!)

Leave lashes alone

If you have a habit of rubbing, pulling or playing with your lashes — stop! Easier said than done (some people don’t even notice that they’re doing it) but the more you mess with your extensions, the sooner they will fall out.

Avoid oils on Lash Extensions

Oil-based products break down the adhesive used to attach the false lashes to your real ones. Oil-based products are often creams, serums and cleansers. Now, we aren’t saying to skip your nightly routine or ditch skin care products altogether, but search for ones that are oil-free. And if you need that nightly serum, make sure you avoid the area that your lashes touch (your eyelid and under your eye).

Careful with Lash Mascara

Plenty of people love their lash extensions because they don’t have to deal with mascara anymore. Others love the volume that mascara adds to the extensions. If you decide you need mascara on top of your lashes, here’s what you need to know:

Don’t use waterproof mascara — you will need an oil-based cleanser to remove it (see above).
Only add mascara from mid-way to the tip, don’t pack in the makeup to your lash line. This will both damage the lashes and can react with the glue.
Carefully and gently cleanse the makeup off each night (using a non oil-based remover), otherwise the stiffened makeup can cause your lashes to bend and crimp against your pillow while you sleep.

Comb through

Combing your lashes in the morning and at night will do wonders in keeping them straight and long. Similar to a mascara brush, a lash comb undoes any tangles and bends in the lashes and keeps the extensions in gorgeous condition.

Keep up your maintenance

There’s always that tipping point when lashes go from looking great to looking a little patchy and in need of some love. When that happens, we find that people start to fiddle with their lashes more, which just makes it worse. If you reach that point where your lashes start to look a bit of a mess, book in for a half set to touch things up. If you can stay ahead of the lash cycle, you will always feel gorgeous.

The truth is, lash extensions are not going to last forever. But depending on the care you put into them, they can last longer than if you are constantly aggravating them! And if you stay on top of your appointments, you’ll find that you are always in a state of looking and feeling beautiful!

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