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Great Brows start with perfecting your mapping skills!

Brow Mapping can be painstaking for you and your client if you're not quite sure of yourself. It can also make your clients feel uneasy if you don't look confident when you are mapping. 

This course will take your brow game up to the next level. Learn the pros' tips and tricks on getting the perfect ratio, fixing uneven brows, and getting crisp marks each and every time! This course will help you not only with your precision but also with improving the time to do your brow service. 

Whether you are a PMU artist, Henna Artist or Makeup Artist, this course can help you refine your mapping skills to create defined, symmetrical brows, each and every time!

See the difference it will make when your clients trust you and the process!  We guide you step by step with this course and are here for any questions you may have a long the way! 

Increase your Speed, Client's Confidence and most importantly YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE by Taking our Ultimate Advanced Brow Mapping Workshop!  


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