Eyelash extension looks and styles in fashion now!

We are happy to report that eyelash extensions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Instead, the trend that has brought eye-popping dramatic lashes to faces across the globe continues to evolve and expand.

Lash extensions have come a long way from the stiff strip of lashes you would buy at the drug store, along with the thick white glue that was not at all natural looking. Today, the materials and designs are incredible and make for absolutely stunning lashes.

And like anything, lash styles within the lash extension world evolve. Here are the eyelash extension looks that are currently most requested.

Doll Eyes Look & Style

This eyelash extension style is defined by longer, denser lashes in that lay in the middle of the upper lash line. This look creates a dramatic effect – think Disney princess or any kind of animated doll. When done correctly, this lash style makes the eye really pop so that they have an expressive, innocent kind of feel.

This lash look suits most eyes but the lash technician should definitely pay attention to the client’s eye shape. If the eye is already very round, too much of the Doll Eye lash placement will make the client look permanently astonished or even a little eerie.

Cat Eyes Look & Style

The cat eye look has been popular, in one form or another, for many decades – it’s a classic look that is both elegant and dramatic. This eyelash style is created by placing shorter lashes on the inner lash line and making them longer and thicker as they approach the outer corner. This Hollywood look is perfect for the holiday season or just to add a gorgeously dramatic feel to every day living.

Natural Eyes Look & Style

The natural eye lash extension style simply enhances the beauty of a client’s natural lashes. The lash technician will work with the way the lashes grow in naturally and then apply the lash extensions to follow what’s already there, making them thicker and longer according to what nature already had in mind.
The natural eye look is great for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty as the lash extensions can be completely customized to what the client wants without looking too out of the ordinary. Just a little boost!

Consumer trend forecasts that eyelash extension styles are only going to get more creative in coming years. Coloured lashes and more avant-garde looks are going to be hitting the streets.

The great thing about eyelash extension looks is that they aren’t permanent and are easily changed. And a good technician will work with the needs and wants of their clients, helping them gently push the boundaries if they want to experiment with something new and exciting, or subtly enhance their own natural beauty if that’s what they are looking for.

Lash extension styles and different looks are exciting because they can give people a new lease on life and a boost of confidence. If you’ve got your own ideas about what you want your lashes to look like, that’s exciting too! Lash technicians love being creative and pushing their own boundaries. Maybe you’ll even set the newest trend that we’ll be seeing on next season’s runway!

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