Popular Eyebrow Trends Over the Years

Seasons change, the sun rises and sets again every day, eyebrow shapes get thin, and then thick again. Like all things, eyebrow trends come and eyebrow trends go.

These days, it feels like bold brows are here to stay forever. Doesn’t it always feel that way at the peak of a fad, though? What we think is going to be fashionable forever is hilarious or bizarre or cringe worthy a mere 10 years later.

All it takes is a trip down memory lane to see proof that nothing, not even gorgeous, full eyebrows, are here to stay. Let’s go back a few decades and marvel at how things have changed.


The roaring 20s sounds like a great time to be alive. Post WWI, people were feeling a sense of urgency to live life to the fullest, and change was everywhere you looked. This was also the tail end of the silent film era and dramatic eyebrows reigned supreme. Brows were plucked bare and penciled in to be very thin, long, and sloping.


There were many things that defined this decade, but one of the most influential was that most people were suddenly connected to the rest of the world through the radio. Jazz, blues, gospel, folk music and swing took over, and icons like Billie Holiday were models of the brow of the day: strong and thick (compared to the previous decade).


The trends for eyebrows continued to thicken, and in the 1940s women were embracing a more natural, filled in brow. Of course, everything in the 40s was affected by the war, and so much was changing for women. The more natural brow reflected the times of austerity and bold action.


No one defines this era more than one of the most iconic women of all time, Marilyn Monroe. Her brows were filled in and natural-looking, with the trademark pointed arch that was *the* look of the decade. Gorgeous!


Things really start happening in the 60s, and the whole world was abuzz with change in many areas of society. The hippie movement and models like Twiggy defined the aesthetic of the time, and brows were somewhat understated – and were usually tidy and mostly natural.


Perhaps in response to the free love feeling of the decade prior, the 1970 were full of glam makeup and a heavy hand when it came to make up – lots (and lots!) of blush and eyeshadow. Waxing really hit the scene and brows were back to thin and dramatically curved.


Beauty icon Brooke Shields really defined this era’s eyebrow trend, and it was the first time we really saw the very full, natural brows that have influenced us today. No plucking, no waxing – completely full, thick beautiful eyebrows were the drama of the day. And they were amazing!


Enter the grunge era, and the supermodels of the 90s like Kate Moss. Gone were the thick brows of the 80s and hello tweezers! Thin, plucked brows were everywhere, but there were still a variety of shapes and forms.


Thought the brows of the 90s were thin? The early 2000s’ brows were razor thin – plucked (and plucked!) and penciled back in.


This decade, the pendulum has swung back the other way, with full thick brows, a la Cara Delevingne. This British supermodel will go down in history for bringing the full brow back. This brow trend has also been helped along and influenced by the proliferation and accessibility of semi-permanent makeup and microblading.

What will be next? Colourful brows? Brow designs? No brows? We can’t know, but one thing is certain – whatever it is, it’s not going to stay the same forever.

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