Do lash extensions come in different colors?

Just when you begin to wonder “what’s next?” in the world of beauty and eyelash extensions, something new and wonderful comes along.

That is exactly what’s happening right now as more and more people are asking for colourful lash extensions.

Colorful lash extensions are an… extension (ha!) of the mermaid makeup look that seems to influence every branch of beauty. First we saw it in hair — with long extensions and beach waves, and eventually pastel hair colors to complement.

Then we saw it with makeup, with pops of turquoise and pearl accents and finishes on cheeks and eyelids.

Finally, we have multi colored lash extensions sweeping the nation. And we couldn’t be more excited!

Lash extensions (in any color) can do wonders to enhance a person’s beauty and the way they feel about themselves. Lash extensions have really taken off in the last few years and the look of professionally applied lashes appeals to people young and old, and across any kind of spectrum.

While some people simply love to experiment and approach their beauty and makeup with an avant garde attitude, colored lashes are more more than just a playful twist on traditional lashes. There can actually be some strategy to help make a person’s eyes stand out and amplify their beauty.

Using color theory, the lash technician can take their client’s eye color and add lashes that contrast that color to really make things pop.

For example, a person a with green eyes might want to consider adding in some purple lashes because the contrast with make their eyes appear bigger and brighter. Purple works great with blue eyes, too.

Another technique is to complement the color of the iris. Add electric blue or turquoise lashes if you have blue eyes, or green and other earth tones for brown eyes.

Or just have fun with it! Mix it up any way you like. Go for a rainbow blend, getting brighter toward the end to elongate the lash line and make the eyes look bigger. It’s not like they are going to last forever.

If you are hesitant but still curious, you can also start with a smaller proportions of colored lashes. If you want to get your toes wet and see colored lash extensions are right for you, start with 30% colored and 70% traditional black. Maybe you’ll love it and maybe you won’t, it’s definitely still worth a try!

It’s also worth noting that colorful lash extensions will likely be slightly more costly and time consuming. This is due to the fact that they are a more expensive product to bring in, and it will take more time to plan. Enquire first and see what your lash technician has to say.

We believe that beauty is all about having fun and feeling good. If you want to up your mermaid game with turquoise and purple lashes — what are you waiting for!? Or if you want to try a toned down version of colorful lashes, that’s easily done, too. Be bold, be beautiful and be yourself! Go to the Snob Store for all your Eye lash extensions supply needs.

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