Is it Worth Becoming an Eyelash Technician?

to Are you considering getting into the lash business? While we may be slightly biased, there’s no doubt about it that the beauty industry is thriving. People are leaning into more convenient beauty practices to help manage their busy lives. One of the best ways to save time and increase confidence is through a perfectly crafted set of lashes. Since lashes are everywhere, our industry is needing more talented, driven, and passionate lash technicians to fill this lucrative business.

So, if you’ve been humming and hawing about whether you should take the plunge, we’ve got some pros to bring you to the beauty side:

 1.   Say Hello to Flexible Living

Becoming a certified lash technician grants you a great deal of professional freedom. For starters, you can start your own business. This is not only personally gratifying, but it allows you to be your own boss – and a cool one at that! Pick your own hours, tailor your workload, and work with clients who inspire and motivate you. Gone are the days of feeling overworked for little payback. You’re in full control of navigating your work-life balance.

For so many people, flexibility is key. Are you a parent who needs to work around your kids’ schedule? If so, you can book appointments during school hours or while your baby takes their morning nap. Do you like to dip your hands into different industries? No problem. Prioritize lashes when it’s convenient for you while thriving in other professions. You’ll love the flexibility you have as an eyelash extension technician.  

2.   Embrace Creativity

With our online lash extension course, you’ll be a certified lash artist in no time. The title of “lash artist” comes with bouts of creativity as you need to assess each set of lashes individually. Every lash is unique, as are your future clients. To create a look that is tailored to their needs and wants, you’ll need to rely on the practical teachings of your training, with a touch of artistic licensing. Once you’ve perfected the lash, you can expand your wheelhouse to become trained in more areas of the lash industry or venture into the fun field of brows.

3.   Improve People’s Lives

Each day, you’ll be improving the confidence of your clients. There’s nothing like passing over a mirror to show a client their new set of lashes, and watching their smiles beam at their own beauty. While there’s more to confidence than a perfectly primmed pair of lashes, how clients feel about their appearance plays a big part. Share your skill and talent with the people around you, to have a real positive impact on their happiness. 

4.   New Opportunities Each Day

Use this opportunity to meet new people or reconnect with past acquaintances. As an eyelash technician, you’ll have endless opportunity. You never know who you’re going to meet or what lies around the corner. Furthermore, you can work independently, team up with other technicians, or open a salon of your own. No two days are alike in the field of lashes; embrace the newness and build a career full of excitement, spontaneity, and opportunity.

5.   Get That Paycheck

The lash industry is quite simply booming! As a certified technician, you can make upwards of $50,000 per year, depending on your skills level and client-list. As you know, this business allows you to choose your own hours, areas of specialty, and number of clients. The longer you work as a professional lash artist, the more experience you receive and the bigger your paycheck gets.

With improved skills and areas of training, you can charge more for your services and increase your client list. Maybe you choose to open your own chic lash salon to delegate to other lash professionals.  Or perhaps you relish in the convenience of your at-home salon. No matter what you choose, this business grants freedom, opportunity, and financial security.

Ready to Start?

Invest in yourself and become a certified lash technician through our online lash course. At Snob Academy, we’ll accelerate your skills and fine-tune your talents through our intensive courses. Offered online or in-person at our Vancouver and Edmonton boutiques, you’ll be dominating the lash industry in no time. Book to our online lash course today!

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