Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Primer for Lash Extensions

What’s the fuss with primer? So glad you asked. While there are many pros to using a primer when applying lash extensions, sadly, not all products are created equal. In an industry this competitive, it’s crucial you’re well-versed in the dos and don’ts of pristine lash application.

So, how are you supposed to know the good from the bad? Don’t you worry one pretty little lash, my friend. To ensure your products aren’t getting in the way of your flawless skills, here’s everything you need to know about eyelash primer… 

What’s the Purpose of Primer?

As a lash extraordinaire, you’re already privy to the fact that a strong lash bond is key to long-lasting extensions. Furthermore, unlike that guy you matched with on Bumble, the faster the attachment the better. Lash primer was formulated to quicken the attachment time between extension and lash. How does it do this? By dissolving any oils and makeup residue on your client’s natural lash and balancing the pH levels. Ultimately, with a better bond comes longer retention.

Sounds great, right? Sadly, some primers can do more harm than good. So, before you order a year’s supply of lash primer, educate yourself on the best in the business. 

Dangers of Alcohol-Based Primers

Made to remove excess oils and residue, primers often consist of poly ethanol, also known as alcohol. If you’ve ever used rubbing alcohol or even nail polish remover on your skin, you may recall the uncomfortable drying effect this substance has. While it’s meant to dissolve dirt and oil from your client’s natural lash line, it simultaneously dries out the area. 

If you’ve used alcohol-containing primers on your clients, you may notice they come back with brittle lashes and dry, flaky lids. This is not the look they signed up (or paid) for.

When you choose an alcohol-based primer to coat your client’s lashes, these are the potential risks:

  • Dryness. After applying primer, the alcohol in the solution can sit on your client’s skin for days. This not only dries out their skin, but their hair follicles as well, leading to weaker lashes and irritating dryness.
  • Eye Irritation. If too much alcohol-based primer is used, it can leak into your client’s eyes. Even when washed out immediately, your client will likely experience painful burning in their eyes, followed by redness and irritation.
  • Weakened Bond. Ironically, a product that’s formulated to create a bond stronger than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively (fingers crossed they never part!), can actually weaken the adhesion. The alcohol removes moisture from the lashes, and in turn, leaves nothing to help the lash glue cure (or polymerize). With nothing to cling to, you’re left with brittle, less flexible lashes that are difficult to bond.

What’s the Solution?

While you don’t want to completely strip the lashes of their natural moisture long-term, a clean canvas results in a better application. But how can you achieve this? By using an alcohol-free primer with gentle but effective ingredients to clean the lashes without the negative after-effects.

An alcohol-free primer still effectively removes makeup, moisturizers, eye creams, and excess oils. However, your clients won’t suffer irritating dry patches around their eyes or brittle lashes. Due to the gentle nature of the product, even clients with drier skin and weaker natural lashes can safely handle this type of primer.

For example, our SNOB primer contains water, a gentle bacteria-killing antiseptic, a mild surfactant to remove oils, and the calming scent of rosewater. Ideal for sensitive eyes, these ingredients effectively clean the lashes, increase retention, and extend the life of the eyelash extensions. 


Is There a Snob in the House?

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