5 Benefits of Becoming a Certified Brow Boss Online

Are you looking to get into the lucrative business of brows? Well, you’ve come to the right place, darling. Microblading is sweeping the nation, one brow stroke at a time. For many reasons, microblading is increasing in popularity, becoming one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments on the market.

 Not only does microblading give clients picture perfect brows, but it also takes the money, time, and stress out of their morning brow routines. Furthermore, it’s incredibly liberating and provides a confidence like no other. Especially if your client has sparse brows or a condition that affects their hair growth, microblading can restore their self-esteem.

 When you’re a certified brow technician, you’re using your skills, talent, and passion to improve a person’s everyday life. With that said, it’s not a responsibility any technician should take lightly. Microblading can last upwards of a year. As the sole expert responsible for shaping your client’s key features, proper training is crucial. If you’re interested in becoming a certified technician, taking an online brow course is a great option. Here’s why:


1.    Flexibility

The world is your oyster when taking an online brow course. There’s no need to adhere to a strict schedule set by someone else’s timeline. Forget setting an alarm clock for your 7am Colour Theory course; you can wake up when you want, grab brunch with the girls, fly to Europe and back, then learn the keys to flawless shading. Whether you’re keeping a job on the side, are busy with university courses, or have other non-negotiable commitments, your online brow course will be waiting for whenever you have the time.


2.    Forget the Commute

This day in age, there’s no need to be stuck in a traffic jam on your way home or run for the bus every morning. With online brow courses, you can learn from the comfort of your home, a café, or anywhere you can set up a computer. Not only does this save you money on gas and transit, but it also gives you more time in your day.


3.    Training Materials Shipped to You

Apart from the practical skills and knowledge you’ll attain during your online brow course, you’ll also receive high quality training materials sent straight to your door. Unlike some in-person courses where materials are left in the classroom or shared with other students, your at-home kit is yours and yours alone. Practice in the middle of the night or bring it to your friends place to show off your skills. With online courses, you have complete freedom to practice your training outside of the classroom with the best materials on the market. 


4.    More Affordable

Are you a snob on a budget? Then an online brow course is the perfect solution. Because you’re not paying for transportation, room and board, meal plans, campus fees, etc., online courses tend to be a lot more affordable than in-person courses. When you take classes online, your fees go towards the class and your personalized brow kit, nothing else!


5.    Less Intense

In terms of the training, you have just as much to gain from an online brow course as an in-person one. However, for those who suffer from social anxiety or learn better in a quiet, low-intensity environment, you may find more comfort in taking your courses online.


Ready to Go?

For an all-in-one, microblading and shading course to perfect your skills and set you up for success, Snob Academy has you covered. Whether you’re brand new to brows or a working professional looking for a refresher, the online Master Brow Course will teach you everything you need to know. From brow mapping and colour theory to microblading, shading, and business essentials, embrace the freedom of online learning. Despite being a screen apart, our Snob Academy trainers create an intimate, interactive experience to ensure every student feels heard, seen, and appreciated. Start living the life of luxury and brow[se] our courses today!

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