What Does Being “Accredited” Actually Mean For Brow and Lash Technicians?

If you’re dipping your tweezers into the world of lashes and brows, you may have come across some terminology you’re unfamiliar with. As lash extensions and microblading become a thriving sector of the beauty industry, more trained, accomplished technicians are needed in the field. As you [brow]se your courses, terms such as “certified brow technician” and “accredited lash courses” are popping up left and right, with no expansion on what these titles entail.

Well, fret no more because we’re here to help you understand what being an accredited vs certified technician really means. Does one hold more snob power than the other? Is a certified lash technician more or less qualified than an accredited one? Fluff your brows and buckle in. Here’s the tea on certification vs. accreditation…

What is a Certificate?

Whether it’s for your in-person eyelash technician course or online brow course, upon completion of your Snob Academy training, you will receive a certificate. This is provided to you by your educator and is evidence that you have completed your high-level of lash or brow training. Unlike University or college degrees, certification courses aren’t governed by the federal or provincial school boards. So, they’re not typically eligible for educational credits or student loans – but they’re a heck of a lot more fun (bias excluded).

Furthermore, while an online lash extension course in Canada may not be recognized as formal education like degrees or diplomas are, certification in this field opens many doors. It’s an official document attesting to your achievement as a trained technician and is vitally important in progressing your career. The first step in launching your new path as a lash or brow artist, certification teaches you the required information and instruction to excel in this field. From precise application and safe practices to business must-haves, a certified brow or eyelash technician course will set you up for success.

That being said, not all lash and brow courses are created equally. Therefore, it’s to your benefit to scout the school’s offering professionalism, expertise, and qualified certification. While it’s never recommended to launch your lash career without the proper training, you want to ensure your being certified by experienced industry experts, such as ours at Snob Academy.


What is Accreditation?

Becoming a certified technician is one thing. Earning the title of accredited beauty technician is a whole other accolade, worthy of a handmade, mega volume lash bat. The process of earning your accreditation is done with an independent third-party who assesses your level of skill. To some, it’s proof that you are honing your craft to the highest standards in the industry. An extra seal of approval showing you have a clear understanding of health and safety, while adhering to a high level of practice. So, while certificates show that you were taught the courses, accreditation proves that you’re able to apply your teachings in a practical setting.


Is One Better Than the Other?

In our eyes, a beauty technician is as good as the effort they put forth. While receiving your accreditation is a great achievement by any brow or eyelash technician, becoming certified is just as practical and commendable. A certificate from your in-person or online lash extension course in Canada allows you to get practical experience at a more affordable price point. Since accreditation is a lot more costly, individuals who are just starting out or salons entering the world of lash extensions and microblading, may not be able to justify the cost. However, if you’re passionate about what you do and are committed to putting forth the time, effort, and investment, you will be successful.


Diving into Eyelash Extension Technician Training?

From lashes to brows, we don’t bare the “snob” name for nothing. Such an illustrious title must be earned through years of training, perfecting, and successful educating. If you’re looking for an elite level of training to get you started, we’ve got the lash and brow courses for you. At Snob Academy, we pride ourselves on helping our students achieve their goals. Whether that’s supporting their initial training to earn their certification or assisting them on their way to becoming an accredited technician, our educators are here to make your beauty dreams a reality. Find your ideal eyelash technician course or brow course today!

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