Handmade vs. Premade Volume Fans

Do you want a full and fluffy look for your clients? Volume lashing is a great way to give your client’s lash line a boost and create the show-stopping look they desire. The technique for volume lashing is no simple feat, as it requires practice, patience, and skill. 

If you’re new to volume lashing, you may want to consider using pre-made fans to save time and effort, or venture into handmade fans for a more customizable experience. In this article, we’ll explore the difference between using handmade vs premade volume fans, and the pros and cons to both.

Handmade Volume Fans

What Are Handmade Volume Fans?

Handmade fans, also known as “pro-made” or “true volume lashing,” are created by the artist without the use of machinery. As they’re tailored to each client, these types of fans are often made in real-time. Handmades are the most difficult type of volume fan to create and apply but in comparison to premades, cause no damage to the client’s natural lashes. 

How Handmade Fans are Made?

  1. In order to create a handmade fan, you would start with removing a few thin, lightweight lashes from the strip and place them side-by side in the shape of a fan. The number of lashes in each fan will affect the “fluffiness” of the final appearance, and varies between clients.
  2. Once your fan is formed, you’ll want to carefully dip the fan into an adhesive. Be sure to use a light hand with this as the more adhesive used, the heavier the fan will be. Since a fan already consists of multiple lash extensions, you’ll want to minimize weight where you can.
  3. Now for the final step in creating a handmade fan: the application. Once your fan is formed and dipped into the adhesive, you’ll want to attach the fan to the base of your client’s natural lash. The volume fan should be fully wrapped around the natural lash if done correctly.

Premade Volume Fans

What Are Premade Volume Fans?

Pre-made volume fans consist of anywhere between 2 to 8 individual lashes glued together at the base. They tend to be easier to use, especially for newer artists, as they save time and energy during volume appointments. As you don’t need to create the fans yourself, you can focus on selecting the fan best suited to your client, then simply adhere it to their natural lash, similar to the application of a single lash extension. Pre-made volume fans are available in two different types: glue-bonded and heat-bonded.

Different Types of Premade Volume Fans

1. Glue-Bonded Pre-Fanned Volume Lashes

Similar to handmade volume fans, glue-bonded pre-fanned volume lashes use an adhesive to bind the individual lashes of the fan. In order to successfully add glue-bonded lashes, you’ll need to apply an adhesive to attach the fan to your client’s natural lashes.

Drawbacks to Glue-Bonded

This adhesive adds weight, and while they’re beautiful and long-lasting, they may not be the most practical for client’s wanting a natural feel. Glue-bonded lashes also require the application of an adhesive to the end of the fan, which can make a seamless attachment to the client’s natural lash difficult to achieve. As a new artist, you could end up with a small clump on the base of the natural lash from excess adhesive. While easier to apply than handmade and heat-bonded, glue-bonded fans can be damaging to the client’s natural lashes, especially if applied incorrectly.

2. Heat-Bonded Pre-fanned Volume Lashes

To minimize lash weight and avoid adhesive clumping, you may want to consider using heat-bonded pre-fanned lashes. Heat-bonded lashes are sealed together at the bottom using heat, rather than adhesive. This lack of adhesive makes the fans lighter, easier to maneuver, and more beginner friendly. Heat-bonded fans are easier to apply than handmade fans and are very low risk when it comes to causing damage to the client’s natural lash line.

Handmade vs. Premade Volume Fans: Which is Better?

Both handmade and pre-made lashes have their pros and cons. Handmade fans are completely customizable, while pre-made fans offer little to no flexibility. Handmade fans are also more cost efficient, as premades can cost up to 4x more for a full set. With that being said, pre-made fans require less time for application (2 hours vs 3+ for handmade), therefore granting you the ability to develop your technique and perfect your skills as a new artist.

All in all, the results of volume lashing are dependent on the artist. A poorly executed set of handmade lashes is worse than a well applied fan of premades. It takes years for artists to hone their skills, so be patient with yourself and take the steps necessary to perfect your craft.

There’s no greater method of learning than practice. The application of both handmade and premade volume fans requires patience, dedication, and time. There is no better way to learn than by simply doing. At Snob Academy, you can perfect your skills and grow your clientele through their online lash courses. Whether in person or online, Snob Academy will provide the tools and techniques to transform your talent into mad-skill.

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