How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

And Other Lash Extension Questions Your Clients Might Ask

After you have completed your online yelash course, the one thing we stress at Snob Academy is how to develop relationships with your clients. You want your clients coming back, after all. And you want them to be happy and satisfied so that they will recommend your services to their friends and more extensive professional network.

woman in red dress with full lash extensions

That’s why it’s important to put some extra time and practice into not just your skills, but in preparing to answer any questions that might come your way. Especially for a client who is getting a treatment like eyelash extensions for the first time, it’s best to know your stuff. This way, they will feel at ease and can relax and enjoy the process.

That’s why we’ve put together a guide for some of the most common questions a client might ask. Practice saying the answers in front of a mirror and feel free to adapt the responses to make them your own!

What Kind Of Lashes Should I Get?

“There are a few types of lashes on the market: synthetic, silk and mink. They each come in varying sizes and lengths. It depends on the look you’re going for, whether it’s maxed out drama or something a little more subtle and natural, that will determine the lash choice. We will go through the options so that you get the exact look you want.”

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

“When applied correctly, eyelash extensions are attached to individual lashes. Therefore they last as long as the natural lash cycle — anywhere from six to eight weeks. It’s different for everyone, and it also depends on how well they are maintained at home. To keep the extensions looking fresh and full, maintenance is recommended every three to four weeks.”

How Do I Make My Lash Extensions Last Longer?

“There are things you can do, and things you shouldn’t do, to extend the life of your lashes. Don’t get them wet for 24 hours to make sure the adhesive is set, don’t rub your eyes, and don’t pull on the lashes. Do pat them gently when washing your face and use a gentle cleanser when washing your face.”

How Long Will The Lash Appointment Last?

“Depending on if whether it’s an appointment for maintenance or applying a full set from scratch. To apply a full set takes around two hours, a half set between an hour and two hours. It depends on a few other factors like the client’s natural lashes. Some people have shorter, thinner lashes; others are naturally long and full. Schedule enough time so you can relax and enjoy being pampered while having your look transformed!”

Will My Real Eyelashes Be Damaged?

“We use the highest quality products — lashes and adhesives — on the market, which are perfectly safe and do not affect the health of your natural lashes.”

How Will I Know When To Come In For A Touch Up?

“You will start to see that the lashes are naturally falling out and you should come in when there start to be noticeable gaps in the eyelash set. We can do a half set or whatever maintenance is needed.”

a young woman with eyelash extensions

Of course, clients come up with some fascinating questions, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything. And the more experience you gain, the easier it will become. What’s important to remember is to put your client at ease and to give them the best eyelash extensions you can. The rest will take care of itself.

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