Reasons to Do a Background Check Before Signing Up to that Course!

These days, beautiful, voluminous lashes and sculpted brows all the rage making these industries skyrocket! This is great news for both women and men who are wanting to do and offer these amazing services.

The problem lies in that everyone is wanting to do them with limited knowledge, where to take their training, and which online lash course to enroll in. They end up spending upwards of thousands of dollars for a lackluster, mediocre class that has no substance and the quality of the course is somewhere between bottom and rock bottom. What do we mean by “quality?” Many companies are jumping on the wagon to teach. Why? Money of course.This means that they could be buying their cheap kits off of random websites, not sure of the way the product(s) are manufactured or if they are safe to put into the skin or on the eye.

It is crucial that they are manufactured in a sterile environment with quality control being a top priority. If companies blindly purchase lash and brow products, the students could be potentially using products that could possess health hazards and/or risks. This is the very scary reality!! In addition, instructors could have very limited experience with doing the actual service, nevermind teaching!! Let us also note that if they are skilled in the art of lashes or brows, this does NOT mean that they can teach! We’ve seen it from time and time again, “academies” that have literally copied and pasted a manual together from the internet. If you don’t believe us, ask someone you know who has done a course in the past and get them to select a paragraph to type into Google Search.

You will be shocked at the copyright infringement that has and can occur. To top it off, many companies are using information and resources from other websites that they are not referencing. Another no-no!!! Women and men are paying thousands of dollars for a “copy and paste,” “slap-jack” course and are not receiving the education, training, professionalism, products, follow-up support and assessment measures to ensure that they gain the skills to become an expert.

We ensure that our students receive follow-up support after all of our courses. This is necessary and many companies are known to just give their students a certificate and wave goodbye after the course. We DO NOT leave our students high and dry and we also DO NOT give them certificates after the course has been completed. Why? Because students need practice like anyone who wants to perfect their craft!! We allow our students to get continual feedback after the course so they can get better. Once our students have demonstrated that they have mastered the skills necessary to do a polished and professional job, we issue their Lash Snob Academy certificate.We have made it our MISSION to provide the best education possible and provide our students with safe, professional-grade products that meet our “SNOB” standards. We have done our work in creating valuable, meaningful and comprehensive courses. In addition, our trainers have TEACHING Qualifications!! Yes – they can teach because they either possess a teaching degree or have a teaching certificate! Our educators also have industry experience and are pros at what they do. Guaranteed.

As Lash and Brow Snobs we LOVE what we do and there are no cutting corners at Lash Snob Academy. Our students quickly become MASTERS at their art. Our aim is to INSPIRE and instill PASSION and LOVE for lashes and brows. We are transparent with everything – NO SECRETS. Our students’ success equals our success. We are all about creating a COMMUNITY of PASSIONATE LASH AND BROW SNOBS.

We hope this has given you an insight into the lash and brow training industry!

Much Love,

The Lash (& Brow) Snobs

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