Coming To A City Near You

Our Microblading Courses Have Expanded To A City Near You

We are continually amazed and in awe of the expanding popularity of 3D Microblading as an

alternative beauty service. As one of the companies to have established a reputation early on in

the industry, we are incredibly proud of what we’ve helped create.

Now, we are happy to announce that we are taking our Microblading courses on the road!

We’ve heard the demand for Microblading courses across the country and are answering the


This year, we are offering 3D Microblading course in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. If you live near

Hamilton, Edmonton, or Vancouver, we invite you to join us for one of the most in-depth and

comprehensive 3D Microblading courses available.

We educate our students on everything they will need to know to embark on their career as a

Microblading artist. From color theory to anatomy to workplace health and safety, our students

complete our courses armed with the skills needed to succeed.

During our 3D Microblading course, we don’t hold back. We share everything from how to grow

your business to how to deal with the range of customers you might encounter. We give our

students a chance to practice on 3D skins and supervise when they are ready to practice on a

live model.

We are committed to excellence. We use the highest quality of products and direct our students’

focus toward health and safety. We also ensure that 3D Microblading artists are following up

with practice and are complying with the Lash Snob’s Microblading assessment standards.

Now we are determined to reach a wider audience. We want women and men across the

country to have access to professional, exceptional and knowledgeable 3D Microblading artists.

As the demand for 3D Microblading continues to grow, we are thrilled that we can be leading the

charge of professional artists carrying out a high-quality service. We have set a high bar in the

industry for both artistic integrity and client satisfaction. It is our goal to continue to spread this

model throughout the country.

Taking our 3D Microblading course on the road to Ontario, Alberta and B.C. means that we will

continue to reach a wide audience of artists and clients who will expect the high standards

we’ve set in the industry.

Check our dates to find a course in a city near you. We look forward to meeting you and helping

you achieve your dreams.
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