Are There Any Downsides to Lash Extensions?

As purveyors of fine lashes, we are extremely careful and knowledgeable about our craft. We love the art of lash extensions and love seeing what a well applied set of eyelashes can do for a person. A full set of lash extensions can enhance a person’s confidence, giving them the long lashed look they have always dreamed of.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t downsides to the procedure. We want to be as transparent as possible with our clients, so we think it’s important to be honest about some of the things to watch out for when it comes to eyelash extensions.

Here are some of the downsides to lash extensions

Cost of Procedure

High quality lash extensions applied by a professional come at a financial cost, as well as the time it takes to get to appointments. Maintaining the look means that a person will need to adjust their budget to accommodate a lash appointment for a touch up or “fill” every 2-4 weeks.

Not everyone chooses this route, and some people get lash extensions as a one-time thing for a special occasion like a wedding or graduation or when they go on holidays. But if lash extensions become a staple part of your beauty routine, you are going to have to ensure that you can afford the financial and time commitment that comes along with it.

Allergic Reactions

In very rare cases, the adhesive that is used in lash extensions can cause an allergic reaction in a person, causing swelling, itchiness or redness in the eye. While every person is different, someone who has an allergic reaction to adhesive might already have skin sensitivities to other things.

If you have sensitive skin or severe allergies, it’s best to go in for a consultation first and clearly communicate this to your lash technician. The eyelash technician can do a spot test on your skin to see if there is any kind of reaction before. Better safe than sorry!

Dry eyes

Especially people that are prone to dry eyes to begin with, lash extensions can actually make these symptoms worse. That’s because a set of long, full eyelashes can act as a fan every time you blink. This causes a rush of air toward the surface of the eye, causing it to dry out more quickly than normal.

If dry eyes are an issue for you, again tell this to your lash technician. They can start you out with a set that is appropriate for your eyes, and you will know within a day whether or not they are right for you.

Loss of lashes

Lash extensions are individually placed onto your own natural lashes and fall out when your own lashes naturally shed themselves. Your lashes fall out because new lashes are coming in behind to replace the old ones — it’s totally a natural process.

Some people do report that their natural lashes become weakened or that they are beginning to appear thinner, especially if they have had lash extensions for an extended amount of time. In this case, consider taking a break to let your natural lashes recuperate and regrow so that they stay healthy and full on their own.

Lash extensions are generally a perfectly safe, non-invasive beauty treatment. But it’s best to approach it armed with the facts. If you have any questions about whether or not lash extensions are right for you, contact us today!

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