What is a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate & Where to Get It in Canada

As a microblade artist, it is important to make sure you are performing your craft in the safest way possible. To guarantee the health and safety of your clients and yourself, you need to know all the risks associated with the technique.

Since microblading uses very fine blades to break the skin, small amounts of blood are a natural result of the process. Like with traditional tattooing, cosmetic tattoo artists need to be aware of the risks that come along with blood exposure, and what to do when exposed to blood that might carry infectious pathogens.

That’s why microblade artists in Canada are required to get their Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.

What are bloodborne pathogens?

We all know that certain viruses can be carried and transmitted through blood and bodily fluids, and that’s exactly what this term describes. Bloodborne pathogens are “infectious microorganisms in human blood that can cause disease in humans. These pathogens include, but are not limited to, hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).”

In addition to tattoo artists, other professions that are exposed to blood and bodily fluids can include healthcare professionals, emergency responders, public safety workers, laundry and housekeeping workers. Anyone in health care or that those like us who work in aesthetics need to be certified and armed with this important knowledge.

What do you learn in a bloodborne pathogens course?

The course teaches students how bloodborne pathogens are spread, how to maintain health and safety by avoiding exposure, and what to do if you are exposed to infectious material.

According to the Canadian Red Cross website, “the purpose of this course is to provide participants with the basic ability to recognize the hazards associated with occupational exposure to blood and body fluids; be familiar with the steps to prevent exposure to bloodborne pathogens; and to know the steps that should be taken following exposure to blood and body fluids.”

Where do you take the course?

Obtaining your Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate in Canada is a simple process that is done online from anywhere in the country. 

On average, the course takes between 3-4 hours and can be done in multiple sittings — you can take a break and pick up where you left off.

There are four modules and at the end of each, students will be tested on the material. You must pass each module with a score of 80% or more before moving on. If you don’t make 80% the first time, you are able to retest the material.

In other words, they simply want to make sure you have a working understanding of the material before moving on. But you can’t really “fail” the test.

The course will cost you $35, so won’t break the bank. Basically, it is easy and accessible because the point is to give people the necessary knowledge to keep the public safe.

As a microblading technician, you are going to be exposed to blood, and there is no inherent danger in that, as long as you equip yourself with the facts about the hazards that come along with it.

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