What material are lash extensions made from?

Eyes and lashes are a focal point of our face, often the first thing people notice, which is why lash extensions are so attractive and so popular these days. Making lashes longer and fuller draws people’s attention and helps highlight the beauty of a person’s eyes.

Lash extensions really are the perfect way to enhance the eyes, but not all lashes are created equal. There is a range of quality in materials from low end (synthetic) to high end (silk and mink). What lash extensions material is a person to choose?!

Here is a breakdown of the materials lash extensions are made from:

Synthetic lash extensions

Man-made materials like faux mink and faux silk lashes (basically anything faux) are made with a plastic fiber called polybutylene terephthlalate, or PBT. Using heat to mold the material into individual lashes, these are readily found in stores and applied with an adhesive. They are often disposed of after a single use.

Synthetic lashes are thicker than human lashes, rather heavy and have stubbed ends so they are often easily identified as false. They are held together with a single band or can come in small clumps that are individually applied. While dramatic, they can feel heavy on the eyelids and can irritate those with sensitive eyes.

Silk lash extensions

Silk lashes are a step above synthetic and are softer and have a more feather-like quality. Since they are lighter, they are more comfortable to wear throughout the day and into the night. Before mink lashes came onto the market, real silk lashes were more popular for a higher end look because they are more natural looking than synthetics. They often have a glossy finish and hold a curl better and can be quite beautiful and dramatic looking.

Today, real silk lashes are a good middle ground, a step above the plastic look of synthetic lashes but not quite as stunning as mink lashes.

Mink lash extensions

Made from the real fur of a mink, these natural fibers are the new gold standard for lashes. They are hand crafted and luxurious and the quality is impossible to match with machine-made lashes. The individual lashes have tapered ends, much like natural human lashes, and the result is a soft, fluttery look.

The ultra-fine and light material makes mink lashes hardly noticeable to the wearer once they are applied and they can be used multiple times. If they are kept in good condition, they retain their shape and softness even after many applications.

Once you’ve had lash extensions, it almost feels like something is missing without them. And depending on the look you are going for and the amount of money you want to spend, there are lashes available for everyone.

No matter what, false lashes and lash extensions are an easy and fun way to enhance a person’s natural beauty. They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, so why not get some stunning draperies while you’re at it.



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