Using eyelash glue in cold/hot and dry/humid environments

Have you ever found that the lash glue that you’ve been masterfully using all of a sudden starts acting strangely? It’s curing more quickly than before, or maybe it’s taking longer than it used to get tacky. What gives?

Before you start thinking there’s something wrong with the product, take a pause and consider the weather. We’re not trying to be cryptic here. The weather can have a big impact in the products we use in lash application.

Changes in humidity and temperature affect the way adhesives behave!

Here’s what to do if the humidity and heat (or lack of) is making your head spin.

Too much humidity and higher temperatures

Besides making your hair frizzy and your skin dewey, increases in humidity and warmer days in general can make your eyelash glue cure faster than normal. If the adhesive is setting faster than you’re used to, it can result in a weak bond after you apply the lash.

It’s important to adjust. Otherwise you may have dissatisfied customers complaining that their lashes didn’t last as long as expected.

In order to get ahead of the problem, try using slightly more glue than before. During the warm, humid months, increase from one drop on your adhesive surface to 2-3 drops. This will help keep the glue workable for longer.

If the humidity and heat is here to stay, you might think about investing in a dehumidifier or air conditioning unit for your space. While it might be a big investment, consider that the future of your business depends on whether your clients are happy and comfortable.

Dry air and cooler temperatures

This scenario has the opposite effect—it can take longer for adhesive to cure in lower humidity. What once was a 1-2 second adhesive has now become a 3-4 second adhesive.

Sure, you can simply just take more time and move slowly, but let’s be honest… time is money! To speed up the curing so you can keep the rhythm you’re used to, one simple hack we’ve learned is to place warm, damp cotton balls on your client’s cheeks during application. This easy and cost-effective step can bring moisture to the area around your client’s eyes and will encourage the adhesive to speed up.

If you find that the space you’re in is constantly cold and dry, you might want to invest in a humidifier or a space heater. Again, investments like these can pay off in customer satisfaction and result in returning business and referrals.

One thing that shows the difference between a beginner and a pro is being able to adjust under any circumstances and still come out with high quality results. That means doing your research, getting lots of practice, and using the highest tools and products on the market.

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