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Do lash extensions damage your natural eyelashes?

  The ‘Harry Potter’ of all questions. If you are familiar with the award-winning series, then you will understand the truth behind the mystery if Harry Potter truly escaped Lord Voldemort only leaving the famous lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

  Being a master lash technician myself, we are not leaving any real scars. However, the question ‘ do lash extensions wreck your natural lashes?’ Leaves a lightning bolt scar on my heart.

  To address the question short and sweet: No, lash extensions do NOT damage your natural lashes. This is why.

  If applied PROPERLY ( a good lash technician will be trained and certified through a certified lash course ) [ www.snobacademy.com ]

  There should be no reason to be concerned for damage. The proper application of both classic and volume lashes are a one to one process. Meaning, for every one natural lash you have you will get one extension applied with a health Canada approved adhesive ( glue)

  This extension will NOT be glued to the skin but elegantly placed a millimeter away from the ROOT of your lash.

  1. nothing should ever touch the skin allowing no discomfort or irritation.
  2. Isolation is key to comfortable and fluffy extensions with NO damage to your own lashes.

  On average your lashes have a 30-60 day growth cycle. Meaning, your lashes are CONSTANTLY growing, shedding, and replacing themselves with new baby hairs. With this in mind, if your extensions are placed properly in a one to one technique then as your natural eyelash grow your extension will grow with it ( similar to artificial nails) when your natural eyelash decides to shed your extension will also shed leaving a new baby hair growing in that follicle.

  This is why lash fills are required every 2-5 weeks. Depending on where your lashes are in their natural cycle, will dictate when you need to come for a Fill to replace the full and fluffy appearance your extensions originally held.

  The truth of the matter is not all lash courses or lash artists are created equal. If your lash tech doesn't apply the extensions properly then you may experience damage to your natural lashes. If the extension is not isolated properly and attached to a single natural lash it can become attached to a few of your natural lashes. When this happens, as your natural lashes grow out the extension will pull all the natural hairs it is attached too and create stress and tension. This will cause breakage or damage to your follicle. Broken lashes can eventually grow out. Not always will a damage follicle be able to produce a new hair! This is why ensuring you have a certified lash artist is vital to the health of your natural lashes.

  The few other potential reason of eyelash damage comes down to how you as the client takes care of your extensions.

  1. Do NOT rub your eyes! This is not a torture mission. You may gently rub the lid of your eyes if needed. However, if you are careless and go to town on your extensions then it is possible to pull or pluck an extension from its follicle and cause damage.
  2. Do NOT pluck, pull or play. The end.
  3. Do NOT sleep on your face. This is one of the most common mistakes and hard habit to break if you are a lash extension fanatic. The best thing you can do is adjust how you sleep or invest in a professional eyelash extension sleep mask. ( oh yes, they do exist ! )
  4. Do NOT wear mascara. Another award winning question that could have a article all to itself. ‘ Can you wear mascara with eyelash extensions?’


  NO! Any good lash technician will advise you to not wear mascara with your extensions.

  1. the entire point of lash extension is so that you do not have to fuss with mascara. If you feel like you need mascara then you need to talk to your lash tech and adjust your style.
  2. Mascara is basically a gooey, gooey mess that can cause your extensions to clump at the base of your lashes. As we now know, the key to healthy lash extensions is isolation NOT clumpy roots.


  The GOOD NEWS is this: most lash studios will sell a mascara ‘meant’ for lash extensions. For all you ladies who must put on mascara in between fills - this is for you.

  I would like to take the opportunity to say as a lash technician myself, any mascara causes frustration to a lash technician. It makes your fills that much more harder. If you are concerned about damage don't wear mascara on your lash extensions.

  In conclusion as any good Harry Potter fan will know, good always triumphs over evil. How this relates to lash extensions I'm not quite sure (lol) but lash extensions are GOOD. They will enhance your look and change your life!

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