Microblading Aftercare Guide from Vancouver Cosmetologist

So… you’ve gone ahead and done it. You’ve booked your Microblading appointment to get the brows of your dreams. Congrats! We are so happy for you.

Microblading has given women and men a new lease on life. Now anyone can have the thick, beautiful brows they’ve always wanted. Microblading has helped people with over-plucked brows and others who have lost their hair after undergoing a medical treatment love the look of their face again.

Getting through the appointment is just half the process. The second, and arguably more important part of microblading, is the aftercare. Without proper care, the initial appointment will basically be a waste of time. Proper aftercare ensures that your brows heal nicely and that they last a long time to come.

In order to make the process as easy as possible for you, we thought we’d come up with a Microblading Aftercare Guide from your friendly Vancouver cosmetologist.

Do keep your brows clean and dry. This means keeping your hands and hair off of them, as both contain oils that can affect your brand new brows.

In fact, Don’t let anything near your new brows, including water, lotion, cleanser, toner, hair products, makeup, makeup remover…. you get the picture.

As an exception to the rule above, Do apply the ointment your technician provides and follow the application instructions carefully.

Don’t sweat. Literally. If you need to get a workout, maybe try some yin yoga or another activity that’s not too strenuous.

Don’t go swimming, hot tubbing or into steam rooms or saunas.

You might find that your brows are a bit itchy or uncomfortable and you might be tempted to scratch them or pick at them if they flake. Don’t do it!

Do stay hydrated so drink as much water as possible and avoid alcohol or anything else that is going to dry out your skin.

Do stay out of the blazing sun. Since you shouldn’t use suntan lotion (see above), you’ll be at risk of getting a sunburn on your face and a burn will damage your skin and your fresh brows.

Do leave your brows alone as much as possible. If you haven’t yet noticed, this is the rule that underlies them all.

For the first week or two following your appointment, you might experience some discomfort. There might be some swelling and your new brows might seem darker than expected. Don’t worry! This is all part of the process. Once the swelling goes down and the ink settles in, you’ll find yourself falling in love with your new look.

And you’ll likely have a follow up appointment a few weeks following your initial one. This will be your chance to voice any concerns, ask any questions and get any touch ups if you find something that’s not to your liking.

Microblading is a safe and wonderful procedure when performed by a experienced cosmetologist, that can change the way you face the world. So take care following your brow appointment so that you can make the most of it!
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