How To: Care For Your Brows

Tips From A Brow Expert

There is nothing like a fresh set of brows. They are bold and beautiful and worth every ounce of effort.

Let’s get real. It’s hardly a secret that even the most natural looking things require maintenance and care. That porcelain skin doesn’t stay flawless without daily cleaning and moisturizing, and maybe the occasional beauty treatment or two.

The same is true with brows. Especially in the time directly after getting your brows done, they require extra effort and some self-control to keep them looking fresh and beautiful.

So, here’s some advice on how to care for your brows after a visit to your favourite brow specialist.

Keep Them Dry

In order for the ink to set and the area to heal, avoid direct moisture on the treated part of your face. This means no steam and no sweat so skip the gym and no hot yoga! In order to wash your face, carefully use a cloth on the area surrounding your brows. In the shower, try your best to keep shampoo from running onto your brows and keep your face out of the direct stream of water.

Keep Them Oil Free

Many beauty products like moisturizers and foundation are oil-based, so take a close look at ingredients before you get the products close to your new brows. Carefully use a sponge or applicator so that you have more control over where the product ends up.

This also mean avoiding touching them with your fingers, especially if you like to run your hands through your hair or have naturally oily skin.

Keep Your Hands Off

Fresh brows have a tendency to be itchy—it’s a natural part of the healing process. Do not pick or scratch them! Think of it as a meditation practice, see if you can “mind over matter” it. If the itching sensation is unbearable, apply pressure with clean, dry fingers or cloth until the feeling subsides.

Keep Them Fresh

After a few weeks, you will likely need to go back in for a touch up appointment and some maintenance. Again, this is all part of the process, especially if it’s your first time getting your brows done.

Basically the trick to keeping your brows doing their best is to leave them alone as much as humanly possible for at least 24 hours. They need the time to heal so distract yourself with something else fun (like getting lash extensions?) and let them do their thing.

Just like any beauty commitment, brows require some love and effort. But it’s totally worth it to have the brows you’ve always wanted. If you have any extra questions, be in touch!

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