Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Guide from a Professional

There’s nothing like the look and feel of a fresh set of lash extensions. They are full and dramatic and lay perfectly in the right place. Gorgeous!

If you only you could keep them that way forever…

Without the proper care, lash extensions can begin to look a little… scruffy. Or they can fall out leaving them patchy looking. We don’t want that and neither do you!

So, we’ve gathered a few of your most common questions and are here to offer some of our best tips for post-appointment eyelash care.


How long should I wait to shower after getting eyelash extensions?

If you need to shower, you need to shower! Following an appointment, feel free to shower right away… as long as you don’t stick your face in the stream of water!

If you do need to hop in the shower after an appointment, it is important to keep your face out of the water, and the water temperature pretty low so that steam doesn’t build up. Even if you are careful with keeping your face dry, a super hot shower will make the air humid like a sauna and that can compromise the adhesive used with your lash extensions.

Our best advice is to shower if you need to, but keep the water lukewarm and to keep your face out of the direct path of the water.

Can I wash my face after lash extensions?

If you need to wash your face after an appointment, we advise that you do it very carefully. Whether you are using a cloth or a disposable wipe, take your time to pat the skin around the eye area, and remembering to keep the moisture away from the eye.

Certainly DO NOT splash water directly on to your face, and DO NOT rub your eyes and your lashes. To dry your face, gently dab and pat your skin.

How do I wash my eyes with eyelash extensions?

Very carefully! This is the trickiest part of lash extensions, especially to keep them in beautiful condition for as long as possible. Of course, if you wear eye makeup in addition to your lash extensions, you are going to want to wash your face in the evenings, so follow these steps.

First, use an oil free make up remover. You will have to read the ingredients and label carefully and double check to make sure. Look out for eye makeup removers specifically for eyelash extensions and if you can, go with these specially formulated products. Oil based removers will break down the adhesive and cause your lashes to shed.

Next, apply the product either to clean fingers or a spoolie brush. Gently work the product into the areas of your eyelids with makeup. To remove, use a lightly damp cloth or wipe, and pat rather than rub.

Avoid using cotton pads and cotton swabs because the fibers can get tangled up with the lashes and pull them out of place.

Your lash extensions are going to fall out over time because they are adhered directly to your natural lashes, and those have a cycle of growth and falling out.

Booking in for an touch up is a great way to keep your gorgeous lashes fresh looking and full!

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