Celebrities With Microblading Eyebrows

CelebritiesWe love to love them, love to read gossip about them, and love to obsess over their latest looks.
With images of celebrities everywhere we look, its easy to convince ourselves that actors are born with perfect features. And yes, sure, stars of the stage and screen are often extremely attractive, but that flawlessness usually comes with a little help. Especially when it comes to brows!
Celebrities have jumped on the microblading train in full force. And why not? Microblading can give anyone-natural looking thick, beautiful brows. And especially if you were alive in the 90s and early 2000s, when tons of people plucked their brows into skinny arcs (no shade  it was the look back then!), microblading is the perfect way to update your look.
These days, everyone is after thick and luscious brows. And celebrities definitely are, too.
Curious about which stars have gotten a little extra help for those perfect brows of theirs?
Heres a list of celebrities with microblading eyebrows.
Drew Barrymore
This darling of the screen has lived her whole life in front of the camera so her brows have been through a lot! These days, she's sporting full, soft, natural looking brows.
Mila Kunis
This beautys already got stunning eyes thanks to her heterochromia (her left eye is green and her right eye is brown). Why not make them stand out even more with thick beautiful brows?!
Lena Dunham
After writing and starring in the HBO hit show, Girls, this girl proudly posted photos of her microblading experience on her Instagram account.
Jennifer Lopez
J Lo has succeeded in basically everything  movies, tv (scripted and reality), music, dancing. Shes also a style icon and an absolutely gorgeous woman. Those updated bold brows dont hurt!
Gwen Stefani
She blazed some trails in the 90s with her blend of skinny brows + high fashion punk + ultra feminine looks. These days, her look is softer and her brows are fuller.
She can pull off absolutely any look she wants so its no surprise that shes rocking bold microbladed brows.
Angelina Jolie
Her stunning beauty is a combo of near perfect symmetry and a face full of classic features. A bold eyebrow suits her perfectly.
Honestly, at this stage of the game, wed wager that most of the celebrities you see on a regular basis have gone and got microblading done. Its such an easy, safe way to add a little volume to your brows and structure to your face. Plus it cuts down on your morning routine if filling in your brows is part of it. If your face was on the big screen or pictures of you were splashed across magazines, wouldnt you do the same?
Well, you dont need to be a celebrity to get the brows of your dreams. We help men and women from all walks of life. We customize our process so that you feel perfect and are satisfied. Who knows. Maybe youll end up on the big screen, too!
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