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LASH SNOB™ Exclusive!!!

  • Gamma Ray Sterilized
  • COUNTRY of ORIGIN:  France
  • PACKAGING:  Sterilized
  • CONTAINER:  Patented Perfect Drop® system
  • USAGE:  Very thin and calibrated drop for precise and
    reproducible mixtures and calibrated by diameter at 1 mm
  • BASE:  Warm
  • APPLICATIONS:  Dark Brown Brunettes, Dark Auburn Brunettes

Directions for Use:

  • This technical procedure may only be carried out by a qualified professional with technical training in tattooing and cosmetic micropigmentation
  • Predispersed colour ink intended for the micropigmentation of skin
  • Micropigmentation must be carried out using aseptic technique and sterile equipment
  • Do not alter the Product by adding or mixing it with products other than BROW SNOB® predispersed colour inks and/or the dilutant sourced by BROW SNOB®
  • Any alteration to the original formula, tampered/removed packaging or inappropriate use cancels the warranty and excludes the liability of the manufacturer
  • The predispersed colour ink is sterile and is identified by a name, a reference and a batch number, which must be recorded by the user
  • The Product must be stored in its original packaging in a dry place at room temperature, away from dust
  • The Product should not be exposed to light
  • Do not freeze
  • The Product must be stored in normal environmental and physiological conditions (pressure, temperature, irradiation, electric and magnetic waves, acceleration…)
  • If these conditions are not met, the Product must not be used
  • Multiple-use:
    • In order to ensure that the Product remains sterile between uses, the dispenser nozzle should be disinfected
    • Do not use the first drop of Product, use only the following drops
    • Pour a drop into the sterile ink cup without letting it touch the dispenser nozzle
    • Comply with this procedure every time you use the ink
    • After use, disinfect the dispenser nozzle, do not use the first drop, disinfect the cap and close the container
  • Perfect Drop® Products must not be stored open
  • If the user notices a difference in Product performance, they must stop using all Products from the same batch or with identical reference numbers, and immediately contact LASH SNOB™
  • Results highly depend on the skill of the tattoo artist, the type of equipment that is used and the indication
  • It is the professional's responsibility to determine the appropriate procedure based on his experience, personal judgment, and standard techniques
  • Containers must be stored upside down so the dispenser nozzle is in a downward position
  • Since pigments are suspended in the dispersant, it is normal that they should settle as a sediment: for this reason, it is important to mix the Product by vigorously shaking the container before use
  • The professional must comply with contraindications
  • Aseptic technique should be used when handling the Product, and skin and mucous membranes must be disinfected
  • Micropigmentation should be carried out using equipment that complies with regulatory requirements
  • The professional carrying out dermopigmentation must ensure Product traceability (the batch number, in particular)


Safety Precautions:
  • In order to prevent the risk of allergic reactions to the specific composition of the Product,  a dermal response test is recommended a month before micropigmentation
  • LASH SNOB™ will decline all responsibility in the case of an allergic reaction
  • If the test yields a positive response, micropigmentation should not be carried out
  • If the test yields an unclear result, a second test must be carried out
  • Skin should be carefully disinfected before micropigmentation
  • Skin that has been tattooed should be kept dry and free of makeup, and exposure to sunlight should be avoided in the first two weeks
  • Use a soothing balm to protect newly tattooed skin from external aggression, and minimize scabbing
  • The Product should not be used on infected or diseased skin, past or present, hypertrophic scars, affected organs close to the skin (eyes), or individuals with general ill health
  • The Product should not be used on minors and pregnant women
  • Tattoo inks must not be used:
    • On allergic individuals without prior advice from a physician
    • On individuals carrying a medical device (pacemakers, in particular), and individuals with blood clotting disorders (aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs…)
    • Where there is a known illness, the professional must seek medical advice before carrying out any work
  • Micropigmentation should not be carried out 6 months before an MRI scan
  • Micropigmentation should not be carried out after injection of permanent wrinkle and/or lip fillers (silicone, PTFE, etc.)
  • Please observe a lapse of several months between micropigmentation and cosmetic skin treatments (laser, peeling, abrasion, antiwrinkle cream, etc.)
  • The date of minimum durability is not to be confused with the period-after-opening date (PAO)
  • The date of minimum durability is the date up until which you may use the newly-bought Product with the guarantee that it is sterile
  • The PAO date is the date up until which you can use the Product once the container has been opened
  • The date on which it was unsealed should be written on the container


  • The warranty covers the manufacturing process used for the Product and its compliance with French legislation
  • Once Product ownership has been transferred, LASH SNOB™ is no longer responsible for the conditions of storage and the proper use of the Product, and may not be held liable for the effect and/or consequences of the inappropriate use of the Product, including non-compliance with the directions for use in the user notice and/or specific requirements imposed by the legislation of the country in which the Products are used
  • LASH SNOB™ may not be held liable for medical hazards if the operator does not have the required qualifications for carrying out tattooing and cosmetic micropigmentation
  • The warranty expressly excludes claims pertaining to unsatisfactory cosmetic results
  • Colour consistency and stability over time depending on a number of individual factors which are unpredictable, and for which the manufacturer may not be held responsible
  • Colour inconsistency, colour shift and loss of colour of the Product over time is normal and depends on the type of pigment that is used, tattooing technique, individual response and external factors, such as overexposure to sunlight
  • Compatibility with other pigments, pre-dispersed colour inks and other products than those sourced by LASH SNOB™, is not covered by the warranty


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