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The SNOB Wholesale Program is for anyone wanting to use, train with, and/or resell SNOB Inc. products. *Insert Program Icon* It is designed to help Lash and Brow Artists to save $$$ AND GENERATE retail revenue. "How you can I make extra money becoming a DISTRIBUTOR of SNOB?" *Insert Icon designed by Nico* When you sign up to our Wholesale / Distribution agreement you are getting large discounts so you can resell them at retail price and make money!! We've put in the hard work of sourcing and testing our products to ensure our supplies are perfect (zero errors). * new paragraph Instead of trying to do it on your own, which can take a ton of time (years!), we'd rather you focus on growing your business and trust we will supply you with consistent SNOB quality products - no questions asked! Insert Icon (designed by Nico) Here are some of the common problems we've seen with lash orders: - Products such as lashes are flimsy, inconsistent and loose their curl
 - Orders are late
 - Packaging is off. Colours are not right and the branding is not met. - What seems like a good deal ends up being costly $$$ when it comes to the markup on shipping and having to buy in super large quantities. Insert Guarantee Symbol (Nico Design Holographic Icon) We've found awesome suppliers from 4 different countries to provide quality and consistent products you need and expect from us so that you can focus on your business! Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

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We inspect all our orders to make sure you get what you want when you need! We also have a highly trained and professional support team that are there for you if you have ANY questions or concerns! Leave it to The Lash + Brow Snobs!
So forget having to try to bootstrap and doing solo, when you can trust we've put in the dirty work and you can trust your business can scale and grow by using SNOB products. We have removed all the stressors so you can save and make more money

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