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Our Ellipse Lashes are the ultimate flat lash.  These high gloss lashes are for the Drama Lash Snob!  These lashes adhere to the natural lash effortlessly and because they are flat, have the appearance of being super dramatic.  They come off our strips with ease, allowing for increase in speed without sacrificing the quality of your work.  You will be able to create a bold, classic or hybrid look with these lashes.  Our ellipse lashes hold their curl and while still having some flexibility, making them feel super soft and luxurious. This is our preferred and favorite lash of our speciality lash trainers.

*Our tray comes with 16 lash strips, 25% more than a standard tray.


Material: Faux Mink

  • SHEEN:  High Gloss
  • COLOUR: Jet Black
  • CURLS:  C
  • ROWS:  16 / Tray
  • LENGTHS AVAILABLE:  8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm & 15mm
  • MIXED TRAY (8-11mm):  1 x 8mm, 3 x 9mm, 6 x 10mm & 6 x 11mm
  • MIXED TRAY (12-14mm):  7 x 12mm, 5 x 13mm & 4 x 14mm

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