There is a lot to consider before taking a course that will launch your career. 


I Really Really Love It!

Awesome class. Feeling a lot more prepared to go out on my own now and practice. Loved that the class was small and we had lots of one on one time! You were so thorough with explaining and making sure we were doing it right. No doubt in my mind that we will succeed at lash extensions now! Also the marketing aspect of this class was awesome. I'm so excited to start up my own business page now! thank you :)

Sarah Steele

The Instructors Were Great

I really loved the 2 day level one lash course I just took! I loved the small class size and the one on one time you essentially got with the instructors because of this. The instructors were very helpful with overcoming your weaknesses and giving tips and tricks to help achieve the perfect lash application! I feel very confident going out on my own and practicing lash application

 Sarah Inglis

I Love Snob Academy

I have taken multiple courses with Lash Snob. This is one of the few companies where you get to meet the owners and you feel at home and welcomed by every one apart of the Lash Snob team. They go above and beyond to make sure you understand and learn the best of the best. The product is outstanding. Let's just say I am SO proud to be a Snob baby! This company is amazing I cannot wait to continue growing in knowledge through this company!

Aryl Plitt



 I need Insurance?! This is the single biggest question asked by every student AFTER taking a course. 

Lash & Brow services are unfortunately, not regulated in Canada. Usually when an industry is not regulated the insurance companies will step in and start to self-regulate. 

 They will look at jurisdictions with regulations in place, copy the requirements and apply the same level of underwriting to your application.


 In simple terms, they want to know have you been properly trained and by whom!

 One of the biggest factors to getting insurance is course durations and follow up support!

 If you take a 1 day Lash course or 2 day Microblading course, getting insurance is going to be extremely difficult. 


 Insurance companies RECOGNIZE SNOB ACADEMY because we have solid, comprehensive courses, designed and developed by a professionals. As well, we are recognized with Provincial Health Authorities. 

 Our courses require students to practice after the course (hours required for certification). This is what insurance companies are looking for. 


 Certification on the last day of the course is a NO NO. Insurance companies value practice.  Many companies don't want to be bothered with students after the course and really don't care about learning. This is why they may issue an official certificate of completion at the course.

We give students a certification of completion of the classroom component, an Official Certification is only given once they have passed the practical component. 

 This is why Insurance Companies LOVE US. 


In the world of esthetics, certification is as good as the company you go through. 

We ARE SNOB EDUCATORS. Learning and the Art of Lashes and Brows is our Passion. We want you to LEARN by DOING.

This is the reason our graduates must practice on models after the course. Students must submit before and after photos to their educator for grading. Once a PASS has been issued from the Educator, an Official SNOB ACADEMY CERTIFICATION will be issued. 


We want YOU to SUCCEED. As such, we do require our graduates to get their model submissions in a timely manner. Please click on THE COMPLETION button below to see timeframes for each course. 

Students who do not complete the models within the timeframe may need to take a SNOB ACADEMY REFRESHER COURSE. This will be determined by their Educator. 


Many companies hand out certificates at the end of a course. We call those certificates "Participation Certificates." It's really a means to an end. Thanks for paying and thanks for showing up! 

 Most importantly, do you really want to display a "Participation Certificate" on your businesses wall? Snob Academy believes certification is more than a piece of paper, it's a badge of accomplishment and should be earned.


Checking for learning and comprehension is our expertise. 

- How is this company assessing my skills to determine whether I should be certified?


We make sure our students can actually perform the service that meets the SNOB standard before certification. 

 - Do I have to demonstrate my knowledge and understanding of the course material? 

A course that says "hi, bye" is not a course, it's a money grab. 

 - Is there a practical component? 

Companies that CARE about education will make it mandatory for students to demonstrate their skills. 


It can be a scary word. Starting your lash or brow empire with some business fundamentals is key to rising above the competition and staying busy early on in the game. Nothing is worse than taking a course and going home all pumped to work and....... crickets. Simple business fundamentals is the key to making this your full time career.


Starting a new business can be daunting. We have developed a business component that is specifically for lashes and brows.

You've got questions and we've got answers, making your new venture start up easy as pie. 


Crickets *  Many courses overlook the importance of having the foundation and fundamentals to start a business. We know that this is a crucial component that students need! 


Its all about support! You need it, trust us. Developing your skill as a Lash or Brow Artist takes time, effort and unfortunately mistakes, lots of them. Proper support and feedback can minimize the ladder greatly. If you are considering an academy that does not offer some form of support RUN. 

Feedback and a proper support team is how all great practitioners learn and grow. Plus, having a friend is always a bonus ;)


Follow-up support is what we stand by and pride ourselves in. We don't leave our students hanging after the course. WHY? Because we breed SUCCESS. 

Upon enrolment, students will have full access to our online learning portal where they will have direct contact with their educator! This is no "hi, bye" course! :) 


A company that gives you certification upon completing the classroom component is a way of not having more work for them after the course. 

SNOB ACADEMY  believes in quality education. Follow up support and assessment is what makes us different. Practice and guidance makes us SNOB-perfect. 


Hands on experience

Snob Academy was a great choice for microblading training. It was perfect at 4 days. Not too short and not too long. I feel I got plenty of hands on experience to leave this course feeling confident to start on my own! Lesley is such a kind, understanding and patient teacher. She is truly a mentor to look up to and learn from! 

Aryl Plitt

I Feel Confident

This course is fantastic. I love that it was a full 4 days. While I can always wish for more days in class, I’m not leaving feeling worried to face the world. I feel confident with the information and knowledge provided that I can do this for myself! And knowing that they will answer anything else after is that icing on the cake. You can tell that they really care about the education you receive. Snob Academy is fantastic and I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested! Knowing the professionalism and encouragement I got from this course, I’m definitely going to be looking at their other courses in the future

Jessica Hoang

Everyone was so informative

Thank you all so much, this was an amazing learning environment and experience. Everyone was so informative and helpful. Was worth every penny. I will be definitely signing up for more courses through Snob Academy. Thank you again!!

Nadja Levaillant

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