Lash Extensions Course

quality of products

Our lash products have been tried and tested by experts and refined to give you the absolute best. Lash Snob lashes are premium, ultra soft lashes with a natural shine. They are manufactured in a safe, sterile environment where quality control is a priority. Lash Snob Pro Adhesive gives you the ultimate bond without any fumes or irritation and gives you the lasting power of up to 6 weeks. We provide our Lash Artists with the products that will allow them to create lasting works of art.

no secrets

We share everything, from our lash experiences (the good the bad and the ugly) to our business and work experiences. Our experts give you the tools you need to grow your business. We teach you how to create and build a meaningful business network, how to get your website up and running, and what social media tools are essential to strategically market your business and services.

pro kits included

No hidden costs. We have included Pro Kits that provide you the essentials you need to get started. Complete with manual, lash trays, pro adhesive, adhesive remover, eye gel pads, microfibre brushes, mascara wands, eyelash tonic, tweezers, scissors, and glue holder in a Snob inspired kit.


In order to get certified students must meet and comply with Snob Academy's Extensions Assessment Standards. This does not mean they are certified when doing the course. Why? Because practice makes perfect and we want our students to practice. Most students complete the requirements within completing 20 full sets. And unlike other courses that send you an electronic certificate, we mail your official Snob Academy’s certificate so you can frame it and display it your store and online.


At Snob Academy we believe Lashes & Brows are truly all that Matters!! Brows and Lashes really are the perfect complement to one another. That's why, when you BUNDLE a LASH AND BROW COURSE TOGETHER, you will SAVE HUNDREDS!

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