• A Tale of 3 Cities

    A Tale of 3 Cities
    Vancouver—The land where the ocean meets the mountains, where beauty meets style. Even though this city is usually known for its pristine nature, it’s also a world-class metropolis with an international flair. Trendsetters from around the world call Vancouver home, which means the demand for high-quality lash treatments is not slowing down. If you’ve been thinking about becoming a certified Lash Artist, Vancouver is the...
  • How To find the Best 3D Microblading Course

    How To find the Best 3D Microblading Course
    Finding The Best 3D Microblading Course Can Easy! At Lash Snob, we love helping people feel their most beautiful, and one of the ways we do that is by educating technicians on the latest, safest methods so they can give their clients the best results possible. We get asked all the time “How to I find the best 3D microblading course?” What it really comes down...
  • Tales As Old As Time.

    Tales As Old As Time.
    Do lash extensions damage your natural eyelashes?   The ‘Harry Potter’ of all questions. If you are familiar with the award-winning series, then you will understand the truth behind the mystery if Harry Potter truly escaped Lord Voldemort only leaving the famous lightning bolt scar on his forehead.   Being a master lash technician myself, we are not leaving any real scars. However, the...
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